How to configure Ambari File View with Namenode HA Kerberized

How to configure Ambari File View with Namenode HA Kerberized cluster – This tutorial has been successfully tried and tested on HDP- and Ambari


I have my HDP Cluster Kerberized with Namenode HA.


Please follow below steps for Configuring File View on Kerberized HDP Cluster.


Step 1 – Please configure your Ambari Server for Kerberos with the steps mentioned in below article. Please follow steps 1 to 5.


Step 2 – Please add below properties to core-site.xml via Ambari UI and restart required services.


Note – If you are running Ambari Server as root user then add below properties



If you are running Ambari server as non-root user then please add below properties in core-site.xml


Please replace <ambari-server-user> with user running Ambari Server in above example.


I’m assuming that your ambari server principal is ambari-server@REALM.COM, if not then please replace ‘ambari-server’ with your principal’s user part.



Step 3 – Create user directory on hdfs for the user accessing file view. For e.g. in my case I’m using admin user to access file view.


sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -mkdir /user/admin 
sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -chown admin:hdfs /user/admin
sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -chmod 755 /user/admin


Step 4 – Goto Admin tab –> Click on Manage Ambari –> Views –> Edit File view ( Create a new one if it doesn’t exist already ) and configure settings as given below


Note – You may need to modify values as per your environment settings!




After above steps, you should be able to access your file view without any issues. If you receive any error(s) then please check /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log for more details and troubleshooting.


Please comment if you have any feedback/questions/suggestions. Happy Hadooping!! :)

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