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How to integrate Ranger with LDAP

In this blog post we will see how to integrate Ranger with LDAP.     What is Ranger ? Ranger is an open-source utility to control authorization for different Hadoop components such as Hdfs, Hive, Hbase, Yarn etc. in a centralized way. Apache Ranger also keeps auditing information related to these Hadoop components which can be useful for

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Kafka integration with Ganglia

In this blog post I will show you kafka integration with ganglia, this is very interesting & important topic for those who want to do bench-marking, measure performance by monitoring specific Kafka metrics via ganglia. Before going ahead let me briefly explain about what is Kafka and Ganglia. Kafka – Kafka is open source distributed

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Setup your own svn server on amazon for free

In this tutorial I will guide you regarding how to setup your own SVN server on amazon EC2 instance with Centos6.X         What is SVN ? SVN is the abbreviated name of Apache’s subversion. svn is used to version control and revision your code. its open source and available for download under

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